The Top 3 Places to Visit in Florida

Florida Road Sign


Walt Disney famously said, “Florida is a place that captures the imagination.” He’s right, the landscape of Florida is exaggerated and invites exaggeration.   When Spanish Explorers first hit the coast of Florida and saw manatees, they envisioned them as mermaids. Ponce De Leon saw crystal clear water and believed it to be the Fountain of Youth. Home developers saw swamps and marshland and repackaged them and sold them as paradise on earth.

Florida has inspired as much murder and madness as it has fantasies in a magical kingdom where dreams do come true. When you come to Florida, come for the beaches, come for Mickey Mouse, come for the Everglades, come for the nightlife, the kayaking, the manatees (or mermaids), and the gators, but make sure to come. Here are our top 3 places to visit in Florida.


Walt Disney World Cinderella's Castle


Walt Disney World      

 Sure, there will be long lines, and you’ll spend more money on those Mickey Ears that you would have never thought of buying, but no matter how much of a seasoned traveler you are, there’s something special here, something that will soften your heart and spark your imagination. Maybe it’s your awestruck child’s face as the fireworks illuminate Cinderella’s castle, maybe it’s your scream filling the air as you plummet down “Splash Mountain,” or maybe it’s the corny (but endearing) joke you heard from the skipper on “The Jungle Cruise.” Whatever it is, you will have to admit, Walt Disney World owns you.”



Miami Skyline



 The most visited Latin City in the world north of Mexico. This once, small citrus town is now an American iconic metropolis. Upon entering the city you see a vibrant mix of Cuban, Colombian, Haitian (to name a few) splashed against a pastel backdrop of distinctive art deco architecture. You will love the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay as the kiss the sands of the lively South Beach. This diversity is what makes Miami one of the top vacation destinations.



Key West Highway


Key West


Is Disney World’s fairy dust not your “thing” and Miami too tame? Then you need to set sail for Key West where the highbrow and lowbrow mix it up with a “devil may care” attitude. You always can find a party going on in Key West. We like Key West’s motto, “One Human Family,” which translates to mutual respect and acceptance for people of all colors, religions, sexualities, and everything in between. You will only find love and rum punch in Key West.