5 Signs Your Salt Lake City Home Needs Roof Repair

roof repair in Salt Lake CIty, Utah

We are going to be looking at 5 important signs that will tell you if your Salt Lake City home needs roof repair. And also as a bonus we are also going to look at a couple of tips that will help you prevent this problem from happening to your home as well.

Having your Utah roof repaired can be one of the most expensive things you can do in your home. So it’s important to know all the bad signs and tips to prevent something like this from happening in your home.

Most Salt Lake City homeowners can spend anywhere from $300 to 1,000 or more per roof repair call, so that they can have their roof professionally cared for. And that’s a lot of money you can be saving per phone call to have a roof specialist fix a problem that could have probably been avoided in the first place. So now let’s take a look at 5 of the most important sign to look out for when inspecting your roof.

Sign Number 1- Leaks Are Definitely A Sign That You Need Salt Lake City, UT Roof Repair Done Right Away

A leak coming from your ceiling is one of the most obvious signs that you need roof repair done in your Salt Lake City home. This is also a more advanced sign that shows your roof needs to be repaired, and you should take care of the problem as soon as possible. If you just simply put buckets under the leaks and ignore this problem long enough, you soon might have to replace the entire roof which will be expensive.

Leaks will not only harm your Utah roof but it will also harm the wood on your attic. So the price with water leaking on your roof can double, because not only would you have to pay to get your roof restored but you would also have to pay to get the wood restored in your attic as well. So this is one of the worst problems you can have on a roof.

Sign Number 2- Bent Shingles Is Also A Sign That You Need Utah Roof Repair Done

By looking at your Salt Lake City roof you can easily tell if the shingles on your home are bent or straight. This is a clear indication that your roof is old and worn out, and will need roof repair done at some point. And over the years the sun can cause this problem to get even worse, especially in places where the weather is sunny most of the time.

This can also occur if the owner of the Utah home decided to add a layer of roof on top of an old roof to save on costs. But in the long run this can cause the shingles of your roof to start bending faster.

Sign Number 3- Tree And outdoor Debris in Salt Lake City

Tree and outdoor debris sitting on top of your Salt Lake City home is not good for the quality of your roof. All the debris on the roof will speed up the aging process, which is never a good thing. Tree branches and large objects might also cause a couple of holes in your roof and you might not notice, which can then lead to leaks on your roof.

And also having standing water around that’s caused by clogged gutters can bring in a lot of debris and mold to your Utah roof, which will cause a lot of harm if you don’t take care of the problem right away. So this problem should be monitored carefully once in a while.

Sign Number 4- Cracked Shingles on Your Utah Home

This is a result of heavy wind damage and should not be ignored. And when that happens your Salt Lake City roof is much more likely to have leaks in the near future and you don’t want that.

And when asphalt shingles start to age more they will lose their moisture, and therefore causing them cracking in the future. But when this is actually a big problem is when the cracks get deep enough and all the way through the entire shingle.

Sign Number 5- Discolored Roof Shingles on Your Salt Lake City Home

This sign is easily noticeable by just looking up at your Utah roof. This means some of your roof shingles are worn out because of many reasons like the sun and debris that can be hitting your roof at times. And this can also occur just because of the age of the roof.

So having discolored roof shingles doesn’t necessary mean you need to replace them right away, but it does mean you need to monitor them once in a while to make sure there’s no other problems.

Tips On Caring For Your Salt Lake City Roof

You can help prevent roof damage, and most importantly you can save a lot of money from not having roof repair done to your Salt Lake City home. So by just knowing a couple of simple things, you should be able to prevent a lot of damage to your roof. You should start by removing any debris from your roof once in a while. Any big or small objects, and leafs should be removed from the roof whenever you have spare time.

And Trimming trees that hang over your roof is always a good idea. So in case of a storm you don’t want branches from trees harming your roof and possibly destroying it completely.

You should also clean and repair your gutters if needed. The water collected by the gutters can get clogged, which is bad for your roof because mold can also be created that way. And you never want to leave standing water near your roof because that’s not good for the health of your roof shingles.

Adding insulation in the attic when there’s freezing weather outside can protect your Utah roof also. Because when too much heat escapes, it can melt ice that might be on your roof, and it can then cause a lot of damage to your roof and attic. So if you live in a place where it tends to get freezing cold out, then this is a great tip for you.

Final Thoughts

And finally nobody wants to have roof repair Salt Lake City done to their Utah home, so regularly inspecting your roof shingles or having a professional inspect them is always a good idea. An inspection will tell you a lot about the quality of your roof and now that you know what sign to look, the process should be a lot smoother.