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Cats Make Good Pets

Pet Cats Make for Great Vacation Pets

Cats are wonderful and mysterious animals that have been with us for centuries. They make great and loyal partners so it’s no wonder many people have them as pets, there’s always been communication with these feline creatures that goes beyond the normal. It’s a true connection when you and your pet see eye to eye and cats always being the regal and intelligence beings that they are make for a perfect pet to have by your side since they are proven themselves to be great companions to have in your life, their instincts, smarts and overall physical appearance will often melt your heart and their need for attention and loving will defrost even the coldest of hearts.


Being domesticated by humans over 9500 years ago, the cat has been a constant presence in human life; they have served royal families and are often portrayed in old legends and mythology as sacred beings. While it’s still not clear who was the first to domesticate them it’s widely believed that it was the Egyptian society who did it first. Cats were sacred for them and anyone who dared to kill a cat was punished by death. Cat’s history about being venerated comes from different places since many cultures used to and still hold these animals in high regard like Japan, China, Egypt and Nordic Europe.


Maintaining a cat as a pet it’s relatively easy and not too expensive, they are animals that like to be indoors, are quiet and generally don’t require too much work or supervision. These animals are independent through and through and they don’t mind being left alone at the house all day since they create their own entertainment or simply like to spend their days lying down.


Another reason why cats are great pets it’s because they keep vermin away, they are predators by nature and love to hunt for preys, when they stay too much inside the house the only preys they find are rats so they will keep those away for you. It’s an advantage because it’s something they can take care of if you are too busy to do it.


Cats often see humans as a replacement for their mothers, even in their wild state cats were very social animals. Just like humans they can develop stress and neurotic behavior without the right care, while cats are very independent they still need some attention from you, after all you are their caretaker and they will see you as one.


Domesticated cats come in different breeds just like dogs do; there are several that developed after all these years like minks or ragdolls. Every breed has its own characteristics, personalities and attributes that you need to know before deciding to own one but like I said above, no matter the breed cats are not a difficult pet.


One of the most popular domesticated breeds of cats it’s the Ragdolls. This breed was created in 1963 by the American women Ann Baker in Riverside, California. It all started because she wanted to develop a big cat with long fur that had a gentile personality, the breed quickly took off because of its beautiful looks and easy to domesticate personality and while this was happening it’s said that Ann, the creator of the breed, was coming up with elaborated tales about the breed’s origin and she created her own registry to make sure all the norms she put in place to take care of the breed would be followed it through.


Ragdolls, like their name, are very much like ragdolls, and a lot of people love them because they have this quality of cuddling when they are being lifted, they love hugs and attention and they are definitely one the kindest breed of cats out there. We all heard stories about cats being distant, cold and not liking to be touched much but this isn’t an issue with Ragdolls because they love being touched.


They are big cats, the males of the breed can weight up to 20kg while the females can weight up to 15kg. A similar big cat like them it’s the Maine Coon. Even though they are far from being toy sized they still long for the touches and they like to be taken everywhere, they really value being with their owner.


Ragdolls are pretty famous and often known for their intense blue eyes. While all Ragdolls are born with their characteristic blue eyes not all of them keep them, their color of their eyes might chance with their age to a more green blue or golden color depending on their patterns. They also come with different colors of their fur; normally a Ragdoll can be lilac, red, blue, chocolate, cream or grey with the face always being a lighter color than the rest of its body.


Cats are curious animals and Ragdolls are not the exception, they have a very peculiar interest with the sound of flooding water. They love all kinds of water sounds so don’t be surprise that you open your shower or any faucet your Ragdoll will come running to you and the sound of the water.



Ann Baker created many stories and myths about these cats that are still present today, like these cat have no fear and are immune to pain, those are just to name a few because we are not going to touch on the absurd story about how their genetic modification was created by aliens. True to be told all these are lies made up to inflate the breed’s popularity and time has shown that Ragdoll’s in fact can have fears and feel pain.


The kind personality of the Ragdolls makes them a great addition to families with children; they get along with everyone and are very playful with other cats and dogs. It’s a breed worthy of love and appreciation as they are a great companion to have by your side, which you can find on Big City Ragdolls social media. It’s the ideal domesticated cat that won’t cause you any trouble at all as long as you given them the loving they deserve.