America’s Best Beach Boardwalks

Coney Isalnd


With it being winter in most of the country and most of us not feeling warmth for several more months, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about two of our favorite beach boardwalks. When the summer heat is too much to bear and you need to find a beach to cool off, we always find Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn, NY and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk as a must do.


Coney Island Postcard 

Coney Island


With the reopening of Luna Park in 2010, we can’t get enough of the 2.7 mile Coney Island boardwalk. Last summer Luna Park introduced “The Thunderbolt,” Coney Island’s first custom-built coaster since the Cyclone. When you ride this fly-by-your-seat coaster, you will hit speeds up to 65 miles per hour.


If you’re not into “high” amusement thrills, don’t worry, many of the crowd pleasers of Coney Island have not changed. You can still come for the incredible ocean views, as well as the “fat” frankfurters of the original Nathan’s famous, which is also famous for the world-renowned Fourth of July hot dog eating contest.


Freak Bar of Coney Island

Do Not Miss– The one thing we always do when we are here, we cannot leave till its done is grab a Coney Island Lager at the Freak Bar (it got its name for the “freak show” next door, which was formally known as the Coney Island Circus Sideshow), the place where fire-eaters, sword swallowers, and snake charmers woo the crowds with their talents.


Santa Cruz Boardwalk


Santa Cruz


The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is considered by many to be the “Coney Island of the West,” and while there are similarities, we find this Boardwalk has its own unique charm. Built in 1907 this is the last major family-oriented carnival park on the West Coast. It still has the 1924 wooden coaster, “Giant Dipper” as well as the 1911 Looff Carousel, which are considered National Historic Landmarks. This is the only carousel where riders can grab a ring and toss it onto the head of a painted clown on the wall and receive as a reward, bells and lights. Our kids cannot get enough of this carousel. It’s the only carousel they ask to ride more than once.

Marini's Candies

Do Not Miss – The one thing the kids and us can’t do without when we’re here is Marini’s Candies. Before we leave with empty pockets, we like to watch the chocolate dippers make nut clusters, English toffee (to die for), and even chocolate-covered bacon.